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Leather types of our gloves

Quality is paramount at Schwartz & von Halen, which is why we have personally selected the best leathers for our gloves. Our collection consists of gloves with different leathers, linings, and functionalities. That way, you can pick a pair of gloves that suits you well. To help you understand which leathers we use, we have listed the four leathers we use and the corresponding gloves from our collection.

Nappaleather: kid and sheep leather

Nappa leather is named after the place where it was discovered, namely in Napa, California (USA) in 1875 by German Emanuel Manasse. Nappa is a common type of leather and is perhaps the best known leather there is.

The Nappa leather we use for our gloves comes from goats and sheep. Known for its softness, durability and supple structure, Nappa leather is ideal for use in leather gloves. Like deer leather, Nappa leather is resistant to rain/snow and cold wind. Besides keeping your hands warm and dry, it's also important for gloves to be comfortable. Because Nappa leather is a very supple type of leather (just like deerskin) it molds well to your hand, making it very comfortable to wear.

It is also important for leather gloves to breathe well, and Nappa leather does that excellently. One of the reasons why our Nappa leather gloves are so popular is because Nappa leather has an elegant and calm appearance. As a result, it lends itself perfectly to making beautiful gloves that have a classic and timeless design.

The longer you wear the Nappa leather glove, the more beautiful the leather will look. Nappa leather is a strong and durable leather, so it will last for years. Just make sure you impregnate the leather gloves well with our special leather gel, so the gloves will last extra long.

Deerskin leather

Deerskin has a long history and is often associated with Native Americans who used the leather as a barter item for trade. Due to the versatility of the leather, it is still widely used today. Deerskin is the most exclusive and most expensive type of leather we currently have in our collection.

Deerskin is known for its softness, versatility, and durability. Since deerskin is very supple, it lends itself perfectly to making strong and durable gloves. The more it is worn, the softer the leather becomes, and the glove begins to mold to your hand. Unlike, for example, bovine leather, deerskin breathes very well, so you won't be prone to sweaty hands.

Despite the soft and supple property of luxury deerskin, it's also a strong leather. Deer leather gloves keep your hands perfectly dry and warm during cold and rainy weather. Impregnate the deerskin gloves with our special leather gel, and they will last for years.

Suede / Reversed lambskin

Suede leather is a very luxurious and special type of leather. The name comes from the French "Gants de Suède," or "Swedish gloves". Suede is leather that comes primarily from sheep and goats. Suede is reverse leather: where sheep and goat leather is the outer leather, suede comes from the inner leather. Because suede leather gloves are made from the inside of the leather, they feel wonderfully soft (the fleece of the sheep). Suede gloves are therefore a pleasure to wear. Because of the soft inside and outside of the suede, these gloves are excellent at keeping your hands warm during cold winter weather. Like deerskin and Nappa leather, suede also allows your hands to breathe well inside the gloves. With a little love and proper care, our suede leather gloves will last for years.

Vegan leather

Vegan leather (faux leather) is a ''type of leather'' that you see more and more in the fashion industry. Obviously it is not a real leather, but vegan leather does look similar to real leather in terms of looks. Nevertheless, vegan leather gloves have a good water-repellent function and keep your hands warm with the nice and soft lining inside.