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Premium Handmade Leather Gloves

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About Schwartz & von Halen

Premium handmade leather gloves

Founded in 2013 by two passionate fashion junkies, Schwartz & von Halen and originated in Berlin. We made it our personal mission to provide men and women everywhere with fashionable, stylish and cool winter gloves during the cold days.

Now 10 years later, we deliver beautiful handmade gloves throughout Europe and the USA and Canada, and have helped more than 93,000 customers find a great pair of gloves.

Eye for detail, style and durability

Schwartz & von Halen gloves are designed in collaboration with Amsterdam-based fashion designers. Our glove collection is defined by a strong eye for detail, style and durability. The handmade men's and women's gloves are made from the finest and best leathers such as cow, sheep and goat leather.

Moreover, all gloves are lined with a warm and soft lining including cashmere, wool, sheep fur, lambs wool and ultra warm fleece. Besides the US, Schwartz & von Halen also operates in most of Europe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, England, Denmark and Sweden.