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Touchscreen Leather Gloves - High Quality Deer Leather

Finally, a leather glove that allows you to use a smartphone! This classic black leather glove from Schwartz & von Halen allows you to easily check your email, send that WhatsApp message or check your Instagram no matter the temperature. The gloves are made of 100% authentic deer leather. This leather is soft and light, but also very strong. With the Harvey touchscreen gloves, you aren't only buying convenience but also quality. To top it all of the gloves will provide warmth during the rainy autumn and cold winter. The deer leather is 100% wind and waterproof.


Product Information:
  • Brand: Schwartz & von Halen
  • 100% Deer Leather
  • Woolen Lining
  • 100% Wind & Waterproof
  • Touchscreen Gloves
  • Size Chart

Article Number: 9991


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Greatest glove i've ever owned

Such a great pair of gloves, it has everything! Touchscreen works superb and the leather is so soft!

Very nice all purpose gloves

Very happy with these gloves, got them recently and have been using them for everything. Cycling, going for meetings and while walking my dog. Really nice and also good protection against rain!

No more cold hands while using my phone

Great pair of leather gloves with touchscreen. Use it a lot with my phone!

Harvey Touchscreen Gloves

Really love my new gloves. Delivery to Denmark was fast and the packaging of the gloves is awesome. The Harvey model is everything you want a glove to be: warm, stylish and functional (touchscreen)

Perfect gloves for my boyfriend

bought these gloves for my boyfriend as a gift and he was really happy. Touchscreen works perfectly and the gloves are nice and warm!


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Invest in a good pair of gloves

Buying a decent pair of leather or suede gloves is a good investment in a product, that with the right cleaning and caring, with last for years. The leather and suede gloves from Schwartz & von Halen are strong, durable and high quality gloves. With a little bit of care and a little bit of love, they will last even longer. That’s better for you and for the environment. We would like you to enjoy your leather and suede gloves as long as possible. In order to make that happen, we have written down below some useful tips and advice how to take clean and take care of them in the right way.

Keep your leather and suede gloves clean with our cotton bag

We would like you to keep your gloves as clean as possible and neat as possible. The easiest way to keep them in a good condition after wearing, is to not just put them in your pockets or in your bag, but to put them in the cotton bag that you will receive for free with every order. In addition, by putting your leather and suede gloves in the cotton bag, you will keep them always together and won’t lose them. For an example of the cotton bag that you will receive at every order, please see the image at the bottom of this page.

Cleaning your leather gloves

Since leather is very strong but also very sensitive, you should wash your leather gloves only when necessary. When your leather gloves too often, you can damage the leather and the leather might lose its original color and waterproof function. However, to keep the leather in top condition, it is good to clean your gloves once in a while by hand. Cleaning your leather gloves by hand, you can gently work the leather. Therefore, we advise to never put your leather gloves in the washing machine because leather cannot handle that. The best way to clean your leather gloves is to take a moist cloth (not too wet), and gently rub the leather while you are wearing the leather gloves. By doing this you will remove the dirt that is stuck to the leather, as a result the leather will keep its water resistant function. To keep your leather gloves in a good condition we recommend to clean your gloves once or twice a year. 

Drying your leather gloves

After you cleaned your leather gloves, it is important to dry them. Since leather shouldn’t be wet too long, we recommend you to dry your gloves in a standing position. Leather gloves should dry at room temperature and therefore you should avoid the sun or an artificial heat source such as a heather or a hairdryer. In order to keep the original fit of your leather gloves, it is advisable to put them on your hands a few times during the drying process. By doing that, you will shape your leather gloves to the original fit.

Care for your leather gloves with Rapide leather wax

The big advantage of our gloves in comparison with for instance wool gloves, is the fact that all leather gloves from Schwartz & von Halen are wind- and waterproof. In order to keep your gloves wind- and waterproof, we recommend to impregnate them with leather wax or leather gel from Rapide. The best way to impregnate your leather gloves with the leather wax is to put the wax on a cloth and rub it into the leather with a circular motion. Dry the leather gloves again after you applied the leather wax. When the leather wax is retracted into the leather gloves, you will notice that the leather is flexible and shiny again. You will also notice that the gloves are now much better waterproof than before. By impregnating your leather gloves with leather wax or gel from Rapide, you will keep your hands warm and dry during the cold and wet winter weather. Rapide leather wax and leather gel is soon available via our web shop!
With every pair of gloves or beanie that you order, you will get a luxurious cotton bag for free. The Rapide leather wax and leather gel are soon available. 
Our story begins in Berlin....
The harsh and cold winter of Berlin in 2011 inspired us, two fashion junkies from Amsterdam, to create high quality winter accessories that could stand even the coldest winter days of a city like Berlin, where winters get extremely cold.

With our passion to conquer the winter and with a love for natural sourced products, Schwartz & von Halen was born. With the cold winter days in mind, we have created a collection of 
high quality leather gloves and superb soft Merino wool beanies in cooperation with designers from Amsterdam. 
Our collection is defined by a strong eye for detail, style and durability. We believe that everybody should be able to wear high quality gloves and beanies that last several winters. 
With that philosophy, we only use natural and durable materials to
 ensure the highest quality of our products ánd a long lifespan. For our gloves we use the best and strongest leather types such as deer-, cow-, sheep-, and goat leather. In order to keep your hands and fingers warm during the coldest winter days, we use thick and warm lining in our gloves such as wool, fur and fleece.

Our beanies are the softest and warmest beanies available. They are created from a special blend of 55% fine Merino wool, 35% insulating possum and 10% Silk and are sourced all the way from New Zealand. Our double thickness beanies provide a superb amount of warmth while remaining extreme light in weight and keeping its breathability.
foto schwartz von halen jaap jan zwart marnix troudes

Schwartz & von Halen

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