Our Story.... Creating exceptional gloves & beanies

Our story begins in Berlin....
The harsh and cold winter of Berlin in 2011 inspired us, two fashion junkies from Amsterdam, to create high quality winter accessories that could stand even the coldest winter days of a city like Berlin, where winters get extremely cold.

With our passion to conquer the winter and with a love for natural sourced products, Schwartz & von Halen was born. With the cold winter days in mind, we have created a collection of 
high quality leather gloves and superb soft Merino wool beanies in cooperation with designers from Amsterdam. 
Our collection is defined by a strong eye for detail, style and durability. We believe that everybody should be able to wear high quality gloves and beanies that last several winters. 
With that philosophy, we only use natural and durable materials to
 ensure the highest quality of our products ánd a long lifespan. For our gloves we use the best and strongest leather types such as deer-, cow-, sheep-, and goat leather. In order to keep your hands and fingers warm during the coldest winter days, we use thick and warm lining in our gloves such as wool, fur and fleece.

Our beanies are the softest and warmest beanies available. They are created from a special blend of 55% fine Merino wool, 35% insulating possum and 10% Silk and are sourced all the way from New Zealand. Our double thickness beanies provide a superb amount of warmth while remaining extreme light in weight and keeping its breathability.
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Schwartz & von Halen