Help the children in Nepal

Nepal was hit by a ravaging earthquake on 25th of april 2015. Over 9000 people died en 3,5 million (!) people lost their homes. Help from all over the world to Nepal for a short period of time. After this short period the world focused its attention to new disasters while the situation in Nepal is still terrible. There is some foreign aid, but not nearly enough.

The poverty and damage caused by the earthquake is still a big problem for the people in Nepal. Lives of many children are ruined and opportunities are scarce. We decided to help the children who suffer from the earthquake and extreme poverty.

Next winter our mission is to clothe 150 children in Nepal

How are we going to do this?

We contacted several charity organizations in Nepal. After talking with several organizations we partnered with The Nepal Youth Foundation.

The Nepal Youth Foundation builds a future for the Nepalese children who live in poverty. These children are orphans, mostly children who lost their parents in the earthquake.

The Nepal Youth Foundation provides education, shelter, food and clothing. More than 86% of donations they receive is used to improve the lives of the Nepalese children.

Our collaboration

At Schwartz & von Halen we focus on relieving our customers from the cold. We believe that everyone deserves to be warm and comfortable during the winter. This is exactly what we want to offer the children in Nepal.

This is why we are going to make sure that 150 children get the clothing they need to conquer the winter of 2017.

Will you join us? From every purchase made at Schwartz & von Halen we donate a % of our profit to our goal: Clothing 150 Nepalese kids. Every child will get their own set of clothes to conquer the cold winter in Nepal.

As soon as we reach our goal we will send the clothing to the villages where the children live. We will document the children and their happiness. In that way, you as our customer can feel the shared pride as we true impact on these children’s lives.

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Thank you for your support!

Team Schwartz & von Halen & Nepal Youth Foundation

Children in Nepal - Schwartz & von Halen

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